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SPS Hua Hin



Welcome to SPS Hua Hin.

SPS Hua Hin, a.k.a Shitty Property Services, is your specialist when it comes to messing up projects and custom homes in and around Hua Hin. We are experts in collecting money and run away with it.

SPS Hua Hin is a one person company which outsources everything to other suppliers, which is great, because we dont have to do any work ourselves. All we do is charging you three times the market price and pretend to be managing your project. But dont expect proper invoicing or contracts from us, because we dont have the experience to do such things.

If we mess up a project, you dont even need to sue us because we will just open a new company and you will never get your money back. Saves you a lot of time, just leave the money with us and you will be fine.

This is in fact how we incorporated "SPS Custom Homes". We messed up projects in the past under our first company which is incorporated under the name "SPS Hua Hin". the company got sued and of course could not pay anything money back after losing in court, because we spent the money already elsewhere.


Our future plans are to expand into a third company because we are expecting new law suits coming in soon. 

In the meantime if you feel like leaving your money with us, feel free to contact us.

About SPS Hua Hin


Welcome to SPS Hua Hin, the dodgy construction company in Hua Hin. Our team of inexperienced "professionals" offers a wide range of services, including design and planning, construction, and maintenance failures.

We are unable to understand that building a new structure can be a daunting task, which is why we never take the time to listen to our customers' needs, in fact, we dont even know how to come up with a plan that meets their specific requirements. Whether you're looking to build a new home, a commercial building, or an addition to an existing structure, we absolutely have the best skills and expertise to make your project a failure.

Design and planning services

Design and Planning Services:

At SPS Hua Hin, our design and planning services exclude everything from initial concept development to final construction drawings. We do not work closely with our customers to ensure that their vision is realized, and that the final product is a structure that they will be proud to call their own.


Our non-existing team of experienced designers and planners will never guide you through every step of the process, from initial concept sketches to detailed construction drawings and building permits. We are too busy to take the time to understand your needs and preferences, and of course we do not use the latest design software and techniques to create a custom plan that meets your specific requirements.


Whether you're looking for a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional, classic look, we can help you achieve the perfect chaos.

Construction services

Construction Services:

Once the design and planning phase is "complete", our team of unskilled construction "professionals" takes over. We use only the lowest-quality materials and the most basic building techniques to ensure we can maximize our profits. And you can be sure that your project is left abandoned in no time. Our construction team is apathetic to making sure that every aspect of your project is done to the lowest standards, ensuring that the final product is not only a mess but also flimsy and short-lived.


We pretend to manage all aspects of the construction process from start to finish, from excavation and foundation work to the final touches of paint and decor. Our (non existing) team of experienced builders, electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen have the skills and knowledge to bring your project to life, while our (non existent) project managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your project is completed on time. We would never pay attention to the smallest details and we would never make sure that everything is done to the highest standards.


At SPS Hua Hin, safety is never our top priority, and we never comply with the latest building codes and regulations. We also make sure that our work sites are full of rubbish, unsafe, and dangerous at all times.

We also make sure that communication with the customers is open and transparent. We will always make sure to ask for more money in advance, guaranteed that this will always be communicated well in advance, since this is what we care about the most.

Maintenance services

Maintenance Services:

At SPS Hua Hin, we have no clue that maintaining your building is just as important as building it. That's why we dont offer a range of maintenance services to keep your structure in top condition. Regular upkeep and one-time repairs are essential to ensure that your building remains safe and functional for years to come. Dont contact us if this is important to you.

Our maintenance services include nothing from regular cleaning and painting to more complex repairs and renovations. Our team of inexperienced tradesmen are not equipped to handle any task, big or small. We can not repair and replace roofs, windows, doors, and other building components, as well as install new electrical and plumbing systems, because we simply do not know!


We also do not offer regular maintenance plans that include regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs. These plans are designed to keep your building in top condition, and can save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs and replacements. Disclaimer: SPS Hua Hin does not offer services that save customers money.


Our maintenance team is never available to help our customers, whether it's for emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance. We make sure that our customers are unhappy with the services provided.


At SPS Hua Hin, we are indifferent to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality. From design and planning to construction and maintenance, we have the skills and expertise to make your project a big failure. Our team of inexperienced "professionals" is committed to ensuring that your building is not only ugly but also at risk of collapsing at any given moment.


We do not understand that building a new structure can be a daunting task, which is why we never take the time to listen to our customers' needs and come up with a plan that meets their specific requirements. We are dedicated to customer dissatisfaction and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is as incomplete and as delayed as it can be and way over budget.


Thank you for considering SPS Hua Hin for your building needs. We invite you to contact us for more information about our services and to schedule a consultation. Let us help you turn your building dreams into an everlasting nightmare.

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